• Oktay Elektrik Mühendislik

OEM Laser

40 Years of Experience

OEM has founded in İstanbul, Turkey in 1981 and is one of the leading companies in the field of Industrial Automation over 40 years of experience. As an Automation Solutions Provider, OEM offers machine and process automation for such types of industrial applications.We also produce industrial automation products such as positioning lasers, industrial heaters and temperature sensors. OEM Laser also offers high performance and reliable products and specialised solutions for customers based on their needs.


Industrial Automation

OEM, offers optimum engineering solutions for machine and process automations, PLC and SCADA applications.

Product Solutions

Positioning Lasers
Industrial heaters for plastic machines
Temperature Sensors

Project and Consultancy

OEM, offers optimum solutions and maximum performance in projecting and consultancy for industrial automation projects.