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As OEM Laser family, we develop and produce professional alignment laser devices and accessories for positioning applications in industry in compliance with world standards , since 2014. To offer process efficiency, profitability and time saving, highly skilled, experienced and customer-oriented OEM Laser technical support team are in close touch with the customer to provide specific solutions with an innovative and intuitive approach after detailed analysis and evaluations. As a result of the product testing accomplished by TÜV Rheinland Germany laboratories, our products have been approved to comply with the basic requirements of the EN55011:2016+A1+A11 and EN55032:2015+A11 European Directives and harmonized standards, and based on these reports, our company has been entitled to declare Certificate of Confirmity with the OEM Laser brand. Beyond all the other points we focus on, customer satisfaction will always be our main mission, customer demands will always be our top priority. We are pleased that our solution partners think of us as a reliable solution partner who performs all the attention and capabilities necessary to realize their projects, rather than a supplier. We will continue to improve professional solutions with OEM Laser assurance and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with close support services before and after sales.


In the field of woodworking, the laser can be used in different types of applications. 


Projecting a visible laser line to the cutting edge of the saw blade by utilising


In the field of metalworking industry, the laser can be used in several types of applications


OEM positioning lasers have been mainly used in the field of textile such as precise positioning


OEM alignment lasers can be used in paper industry for the positioning of paper rolls


OEM Laser also supports tyre manufacturers to verify production processes.


OEM-LS serisi mini çizgi lazer ile kaynak uygulamalarında doğru konumlandırma ile yüksek hassasiyetli çalışma…


OEM positionin lasers are used in different areas for process control in industrial automation applications.


OEM positioning lasers are used for accurate positioning in electronic industry for inspection.


OEM positioning lasers are used in medical systems for the correct positioning of patients and machines.


In the glass industry, OEM Laser is used for drilling, cutting and sandblasting machines to determine the correct position.


In the glass industry, OEM Laser is used for drilling, cutting and sandblasting machines to determine the correct position.