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OEM Laser who offers professional alignment solutions with clear visibility, easy alignment motta, presents an easily accessible product portal with a user-friendly interface made over with the same motivation.

Designed with the goal of the largest laser portal with rich content and easily accessible menus, our new corporate website offers quick access to the searched product into a portfolio of more than 100 products, but also offers to visitor with a wide range of information about all products and industrial news related.

With OEM Laser assurance, we continue offering professional solutions to make our partners's work easier with our wide product range and customer-friendly technical support services and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.


  • Product Finder Filter
  • Application Based Classification
  • Projection Based Classification
  • 3D Imaging of Products
  • Technical Documentations of Products
  • Product Combination Offering
  • Alternative Product Offering
  • Blog Extension
  • Social Media Integration
  • OEM TV Integration
  • OEM Academy


  • Product finder filter offers easy and fast access to searched product with parameter-based search.
  • With application-based classification, you are able to quick access to recommended products for the related application.
  • It offers ease of access to the searched product according to its optical characteristics with projection-based classification.
  • 3D viewer module offers 3D imaging and measurement of products on different positions.
  • You can quickly access to optical, electrical, mechanical and environmental specifications of all products, and save product datasheet, user manual, CAD files in downloadable format.
  • After select your laser, you can reach to accessories recommended for your laser on same page and quickly create a product combination
  • You can also view related products offer similar characteristics to the searached product , thus you are able to reach alternative solutions.
  • With the blog extension, you can access solutions, events and announcements related to OEM Laser, as well as follow sectoral developments on a global basis on our blog page.
  • With Social Media integration, you can view our posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin platforms and quickly access our social media accounts.
  • OEM TV window helps you to watch application videos shared on our Youtube channel.
  • Thanks to the rich content on the OEM Academy page, you can access theoretical information about positioning laser philosophia, as well as get knowledges about laser classification and laser safety rules.

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